Floragia.com Online Clothing Store Is Legit Or Fraud?

Floragia.com looks to be a legit online store that sells various clothing items to shoppers at discounted prices as compared to major retail players. But Floragia.com is a scam online store that is deceiving its customers and looting them.

Floragia Clothing Reviews

In this article, we will dig deep into all the available information about it and will determine whether Floragia Clothing Legit or another scam.

So, let’s dive right in.

Scammers operating Floragia.com make use of email marketing and social media websites Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook to promote their website and bait the victims. This online store uses very low prices and copyright-infringing product images and descriptions to trap the customers.

Once customers fall prey to them, they disappear and nothing is delivered to the customers. If customers get something delivered, these products are of inferior quality and made with substandard materials.

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The following is the general information about this brand that will be useful to understand it a bit.

Brand Name:Floragia
Brand Owner:Not Available
Phone #Not Available
Email ID[email protected]

With the intention of scam, these scammers violently promote their websites through email marketing and social media ads.

They also use fake news or review articles that pose floragia.com as the ultimate and people fall prey to them.

Once the customers have placed the orders, the following outcomes are evident.

  • The customers receive no product and they become the victims of stolen money.
  • Poor quality products, which are different from the advertised ones, are delivered.
  • Instead of receiving new products, they may also receive a tempered or used product.
  • The customer complaints are ignored to the extent that they are never answered or automated emails are used to reply to the customers.

This online store is only 6 months old and you need to be careful in placing order with them.

All the scam online stores happen to be less than a year old. You can use this as a litmus test to check whether a store is legit or not.

The following table shows the creation date of this online store.

Registrar:Name.com, Inc.
Registered On:2023-07-22
Expires On:2024-07-22
Updated On:2023-07-22

If you have already placed an order on this online store and looking for ways to contact them for your queries.

We got you covered because we have done all the hard work and gathered all their available contact information in one place.

Email:[email protected]
Address:831 Lake Forest Drive, Dodge City, KS, United States, 66215
Mobile:+1 913-231-2998
Operating Hours:Always open

There are many red flags on this online store which are discussed in detail below

Misleading Prices

This website displays products with unusually high prices. The same products are sold on other online stores way cheaper than this store.

For example, the following product is priced at US $31 on Floragia.com while the same product is sold on AliExpress for only US $1.8. For your reference, the screenshots of both the stores are pasted below.

Floragia Clothing Reviews
Floragia Clothing Reviews

In the same way, the following product is displayed at Floragia.com for US $27.74 but the same product is sold at AliExpress for US $11.74.

The screenshots of both stores are pasted below for your reference.

Floragia Clothing Reviews
Floragia Clothing Reviews

Copied Content & Product Photos

This website uses copied product descriptions and photos and is also a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

So, staying away from this website is advised because you won’t receive genuine products as displayed on the website.

Scam Network’s Part

Since this website sells China-made products, there is a stronger chance that this website is a part of many scan networks operating from China.

No Contact Information

You can only contact this website via the email address [email protected]. No other contact information is available, whether it may be a telephone number, a physical address or a contact us form.

Huge and Unrealistic Discounts

From time to time this website offers huge discounts which sounds too good to be true. Legit brands don’t offer such big discounts.

Copied Product Pictures and Content

This online store displays product pictures that are present on many other online stores. The product descriptions are also the same. So, from this point of view, this might be a drop shipping company and is not a legitimate brand.

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This company has a very weak presence on social media. Its Facebook account has a very small number of followers. Which shows their interest in their own business.

Their Facebook page was suspended due to violation of terms and conditions of Facebook. Following is a screenshot of the notice from Facebook.

Floragia Clothing Reviews

They are not present on other renowned social media platforms.

Legitimate brands put a lot of effort into maintaining their social media accounts and they remain active there. They actively engage their customers which in turn helps them boost their customer base and sales.

This business is not registered on BBB (Better Business Bureau) which is a red flag indicating to stay away from this.

Legitimate businesses do register themselves of Better Business Bureau to gain customer loyalty.

Following is the screenshot of the Better Business Bureau website showing that this website is not registered there.

Floragia Clothing Reviews

Upon searching through the internet, we were unable to find any positive or negative Floragia Clothing reviews.

Their Facebook page has no comments from their customers. Renowned websites like Trust pilot and others do not have any reviews on them about this online store.

After thoroughly analyzing all the information available and Floragia Clothing reviews of customers, it is recommended to stay away from this website because this website does not seem legitimate to us.

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