Reviews – Legit Website Or Another Scam? is a web store that claims to sell great products for fans in the categories of homes, clothing, and accessories.

There is not much information on their About Us page which makes it quite suspicious e-commerce store because a website offering a huge variety of products can’t have such a small About Us page.

Recently, Concerns have arisen about the pricing and legitimacy of their products. Violation of copyrights in product descriptions and images has also come across us.

There seems something fishy about them therefore we present to you unbiased and accurate reviews to help you make informed decisions.

An Overview About Reviews

In today’s digital world, we have the convenience of shopping our favorite products right from our homes using our fingertips. This convenience can be misused by scammers to loot your hard-earned money. So you need to be aware of scammers by researching before buying from these types of websites.

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This website was registered from China in late 2022 and is less than one-year-old domain.

  • Website Name:
  • Registrar: Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd. d/b/a HiChina (
  • Registered On: 28-10-2022
  • Expires On: 28-10-2023
  • State: Guang Dong
  • Country: CN

Contact Details

There are no contact details mentioned on website except [email protected]. This is something suspicious about his store.

There must be other contact details like physical address, phone number, help desk contact details, etc.

Red Flags of Beambead Reviews

Please consider the following points before moving on to purchase something from them.

Newly Created Website

This web store was created back on 28 Dec 2022 which makes it a new website and its registered in China. This leads to many questions because scam sites have a shorter span of life.

No Ownership Details

There are no ownership details mentioned on this website which also makes it suspicious and it may be a part of a scam network.

No Physical Address

No physical address is mentioned on this web store which a legit company must not skip. If somebody in the vicinity needs to visit their office, he is in the middle of nowhere because there is no physical location.

Physical location is mandatory for e-commerce stores to operate. Because these stores need to have offices, warehouses, and other necessary setups to operate. Without a physical address, things are fishy.

Social Media Precense

Upon searching through the internet, you won’t find any social media page of this website. Legit stores won’t operate like this. They use social media to attract more customers and create a loyal customer base by engaging them through social media.

User Reviews

  • Positive Reviews

There are a lot of positive reviews of products on their own website. Every customer is happy and gives a rating of 4.8 or higher. This makes these reviews a bit fishy. There must be some customers who are unhappy and give negative reviews.

  • Negative Reviews

There are negative reviews of customers stating that they are not satisfied with the products they receive. The customer service is also terrible.

Our Recommendation

We recommend that if you want to buy something, then you should not be surfing these types of suspicious sites. Instead, you should be using e-commerce brands that are 100% legit and provide a high degree of customer satisfaction through buyer protection schemes and quick refunds if the dispute is closed in your favor.

They are also secure to make payments through credit/debit cards. They also have legit sellers and big brands are also selling on them.

So be aware of these types of scam sites and don’t ever visit them.

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  1. You need to add information to the article on how to report them for fraudulent activity. Who is the appropriate authority? I am pretty sure this is international postal fraud, as well as credit card fraud a few links on how to report in mass would be great so everybody has been scammed by them can do so.

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