Reviews – Genuine Insights and Customer Reviews is a link-shortening service that claims to pay you for using their service. But before proceeding with it we first need to whether this is a legit website or a scam. For this, we need to check the reviews and other related information.

So, let us dive right in. Reviews

If you’re searching for methods of earning money online by shortening links, you might have stumbled upon It’s a website that promises to pay you for each click on your shortened links. However, you might be wondering whether is a legitimate website or a scam that you should avoid. In this review, We’ll uncover the truth about and explain why it’s better to steer clear of it.

Specifications of

The following table shows the specifications of the website., LLC
Registered On:2019-03-18
Expires On:2025-03-18
Updated On:2023-07-08

You can use their link-shortening service to shrink any long link. After this you need to bring traffic to these links and they pay you for clicks on your shortened links.

The schema behind this is that when someone clicks on the shortened links, will run a short advertisement before redirecting the user to your original link. earns revenue from these ads and they share a portion of this revenue with you.

Following are some of the details about this service.

Bonus on Signing Up: $1

Payout Threshold: $5

Frequency of Payment: Daily Basis

  • Bitcoin
  • USDT(TRC20)
  • PayPal
  • Payeer
  • WebMoneyZ
  • Airtm
  • Perfect Money
  • UPI[India]
  • Paytm [India]
  • Bank Transfer [India]

They use attractive packages for creators to earn money. Afterward, they use the incoming traffic to show the following misleading ads

  • Many times, the incoming traffic is not redirected to the original links. They are repeatedly shown ads and the publisher’s hard work is wasted and the users are lost permanently.
  • The ads shown are of porn or other scams and the visitors are trapped in that and lose money.
  • The trust of the publisher is lost permanently.

So, be safe and use some legitimate alternatives to

Nowadays social media can be used as a tool to gauge the legitimacy of any online or offline products or service provider.

Legitimate brands work systematically and manage their social media accounts perfectly.

Customers and the general public use these social media platforms to share their experiences about the product or service in question.


They have no account on Facebook.


No account found


There exists an Instagram account with the name “shrinkmeofficial”. This account has 3,716 followers and only 3 posts exist on it.

This is not helpful for us and their customers also.


There is an account with the name “ URL Shortener” with 5.85K subscribers and only 1 video posted on it. Now is it their official account or not, this is not confirmed.

This is also not showing any negative or positive comments from the customers/viewers.

We tested this link-shortening website ourselves and found that people saying that it doesn’t redirect you to the original link are wrong.

Instead, it makes it harder to reach the original links. There are 5 to 6 steps that need to be passed before reaching the original link.

The following screenshots show these steps in detail.

Step 1: Reviews

Step 2: Reviews

Step 3: Reviews

Step 4: Reviews

Step 5: Reviews

Step 6: Reviews

Step 7: Reviews

Step 8: Reviews

After clicking on get link shown in the above picture, one reaches the destination link.

This is a lengthy exercise for the visitors.

Besides link shortening, they also claim to pay the creators for the clicks to their created shortened links.

The following table depicts the rates of payment.

Package Description / CountryEarnings Per 1000 Views
DesktopMobile / Tablet
 United States$11.00$11.00
 United Kingdom$7.00$7.00
 New Zealand$6.00$6.00
 Saudi Arabia$4.00$4.00
 Worldwide Deal (All Countries)$3.50$3.50

Now, the task is to figure out whether this site pays its publishers or is it a scam.

For this, we need to look at reviews by customers.

On Trustpilot, this website has a rating of 4.2 measured from 199 reviews only. This is quite a small number to gauge the legitimacy of this brand.

On Trustpilot, 67% of the customers are happy and They say that this is a legitimate service for shortening the links.

However, 26% of users are not happy giving a 1-star rating.

On Quora, in an answer to the question “Is legit or a scam?”, the replies are

Yes, it is a kind of fake website. It differs from what it says. When you shorten a link, it simply shows a bunch of misleading advertisements. I have tried it myself and found it fake/scam.

By the user “Kingsley Amaize”

Please do not share the link to this website as it is a scam. It will not lead your viewers to the intended article or content.

If you want to build an honest and reliable business, sharing this link will only drive your viewers away. You can test it for yourself by going to the webpage, shortening a link, and pasting it into an Incognito Window or Google Search.

You will see that all advertisements from ShrinkMe will appear, except for the page you intended to share.

This will confuse and misdirect your viewers, causing them to leave the page without seeing your article or content, and you will not receive any money at all.

If you need to shorten a URL, you can use Bitly, but unfortunately, you won’t earn any money from it.

Please try this before sharing the link to save your authority online. I hope this information helps you.

By the user “Jeadrey Goris”

It is a fake link-shortening website. It doesn’t pay the publishers and drives the viewers to misleading ads that are not good for them.

There are other safer methods to earn money online. Please don’t put your security and privacy at risk for a few dollars.

By the user “Edward Walsh”

Numerous negative reviews are available about this website on other internet platforms.

After carefully analyzing all the available information and reviews by customers, we may conclude that this is a scam link-shortening website and you should avoid it at any cost.

Thanks for reading this article.

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