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At Racoduo, we have an intense love for pearls! When we realized the pearl market lacked the variety it deserved, that’s when our journey started.

Racoduo Reviews

Pearls aren’t only white and spherical; they can be any color or shape! After coming to that insight, we decided to transform conventional pearl designs while showcasing the diversity of this priceless stone.

Our goal was to defy convention and give pearls the attention they so richly deserve.

However, it’s about you, not just the pearls. Pearls can enhance your sense of style and capture your unique personality.

For this reason, our collection has a wide variety of styles, ranging from elegant and dreamy to edgy and simple. We are inspired by the range of hues and forms seen in pearls, and we want you to embrace your unique beauty.

To fulfill our mission, we are dedicated to reasonable pricing. With no middleman and no administrative costs (goodbye to 300% markup), we can provide all pearl lovers with reasonable prices.

We source genuine freshwater pearls from small-scale farms that employ ethical farming practices to reduce their environmental impact and uplift the communities in which they operate.

Our collections offer pearl jewelry with round, oval, drop, button, as well as baroque (irregular) shapes, in disparity to the majority of pearls on the market, which are white also spherical.

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Pearls are available in an abundance of hues and forms! We set out to display their diversity and transform conventional pearl designs, regardless of whether they are round, lavender, pink, or baroque (irregularly shaped)!

Genuine freshwater pearls are sourced by us from small-scale farms that use ethical farming practices, reduce their environmental impact, and give back to the communities in which they operate.

  • Available in an abundance of hues and forms.
  • Dedicated to reasonable pricing.
  • Our collection has a wide variety of styles.
  • Pearls gets discoloration if not given best care

To keep your pearl jewelry looking beautiful and lasting long, you must take care of it. To help you maintain your pearls in perfect condition, consider the following advice:

  • Keep pearls away from harsh chemicals: Because pearls are organic gemstones, they can be harmed by chemicals like hairspray, makeup, and household cleaning products. Ensure that before using these things, you remove your pearl jewelry.
  • Keep pearls out of direct sunlight: Pearls can fade or lose their shine after exposure to strong sunlight or prolonged heat. Keep your pearl jewelry out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dry environment.
  • Gently wipe pearls after wearing: To remove any oils, sweat, or residue from your pearl jewelry, use a soft, lint-free cloth. This keeps the pearls looking shiny and helps stop dirt from collecting.
  • Steer clear of water and high humidity: Because pearls are porous, prolonged exposure can harm them. Take off your pearls before taking a shower, swimming, or doing anything else that could expose them to much moisture.
  • Maintaining pearl storage: Keep your pearl jewelry apart from other jewelry in a purse or box to avoid scratches and tangling. To prevent possible damage, think about keeping them in a special jewelry pouch or a soft cloth.

You can make sure that your pearl jewelry lasts for many years and keeps its gorgeous appearance by adhering to these care instructions!

I have previously purchased jewelry from famous brands. They look after me at all times. Very understanding and simple to deal with! You guys truly made this time and piece memorable, and I sincerely appreciate the effort and commitment you offered me! Fantastic effort, once again; thank you!

To propose to my wife, I purchased this ring. Naturally, I felt uneasy about shelling over so much cash for something I had only seen in images. Rest assured, though, that these images barely do it justice. I’m very glad I purchased from this company since it’s excellent and definitely worth the money.

My ring arrived, and it’s just what I wanted. It looks good both by itself and in conjunction with my diamond engagement ring. If requested, I will, without a doubt, recommend you. I’m grateful.

Thank you again, and let you know I received my ring yesterday. It is a perfect replica of the ring I had stolen from me in the 1980s. Made me start crying! I’m really pleased with it and your fantastic customer service!

We want your Raco Duo piece to serve as a constant reminder to embrace your individuality, radiate confidence, and express your higher self. Come along on this trip with us, and allow our pearls to reflect who you are!

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