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As stated by themselves, Zho Gymwear is an activewear brand developed to allow customers to wear beautiful and high-quality activewear, without charging them an arm and a leg. In today’s Zho Gymwear reviews roundup, we will dig deep into all the available information to figure out whether this store is legitimate or a scam.

So, let’s dive in and start working.

Zho Gymwear Reviews

Introduction of Zho Gymwear

ZHO Gymwear is a small website with only two products listed on it. They also claim to become industry leaders by selling only two of their products. This is ridiculous, isn’t it?

At first glance, this doesn’t look like a legitimate store because it only has two products to sell and nothing more.

Why would we fall prey to this website, don’t we have any other alternative?

We can see that this store is a suspicious one and it won’t prove to be legitimate business after the purchase.

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Product Line Of ZHO Gymwear

As mentioned earlier there are only two products listed on their website these products are as below

  • Seamless Contour 3.0 Leggings
  • Seamless Contour 3.0 Shorts

Another amazing thing is that these products are worth $35 and $30 respectively. But they are selling it at a heavily discounted price of $3 only.

How can a business give a discount of 91.5%?

This surely is a scam.

Red Flags for ZHO Gymwear

In this ZHO Gymwear reviews summary, we will discuss all the red flags present on this store.

Smallest of the Product Lines: They have only two products listed on their website which we don’t think is a legitimate business.

There must be a few more products in their product range from which customer may choose anything of their choice.

Huge Discount – Giving huge discounts of 91.5% is a red flag for this online store. You need to be careful while looking at this store because one’s greed can result in losing $3 in the end.

New Website: This website was created on 05-09-2023 i.e., a month ago from the time of writing this article. This makes it quite suspicious.

So, being new is a red flag for ZHO Gymwear because scam websites normally don’t have a much longer life span.

No Contact Details: The only contact option available on this store is their email ID which is as [email protected]. This is also a red flag because there is no phone number in case customers need to contact them for their queries.

No Physical Address: No Office or Warehouse address is mentioned anywhere on their website. This makes it suspicious. Legit businesses do mention their physical office and warehouse addresses.

No Physical Stores in the US: They also don’t have any physical stores in the US. Therefore, there is no way we can check the quality of their products before buying.

All 5-Star Reviews: On their own website they have

  • 432 reviews for Seamless Contour 3.0 Leggings
  • 341 reviews Seamless Contour 3.0 Shorts

All of these reviews are 5-star. They are making us believe that nobody had any issues with sizing, color, delayed delivery, returns, refunds, or customer services.

This sounds ridiculous. So, all 5-star reviews can be considered as a red flag for this store.

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Shipping, Returns & Refunds Policies

If you have placed the order and you need to know when your parcel will arrive. The following shipping information will help you close up

Order Processing Time:

The order processing time is up to 2 business days.

Average Shipping Times:

For the United States 8-12 Days

For Canada 8-12 Days

Shipping Costs:

Standard: $6.99

Expedited: $8.99

Returns Of ZHO Gymwear

As mentioned on their website, they also offer hassle-free returns within 30 days after purchase.

To get a return, your items should be in the same condition as received. Proof of purchase will be required to process the returns.

Refunds Of ZHO Gymwear

Once the returns are received and inspected, you will get an e-mail for the approval no rejection of your refunds.

If your refund is approved then you will get the refund in your credit card or via the original method of payment.

Pros & Cons

Very Low PriceNew Website (Only 1 month Old)
Express worldwide shippingAll 5-Star Customer Reviews
Easy to browse website easySmall Product Line (Only 2 Products)
Lack of Customer Reviews
No Physical Address Provided
No Parent Company Information Available
No Phone Number to Contact Them
No Social Media Presence

Is There Any Social Media Account?

ZHO Gymwear Facebook account has 6k posts but all are hidden except 2. They also have 6K followers there.

The comments of all the customers are deleted regularly. So, it is not a legit store.

Customer Reviews Of ZHO Gymwear

Upon searching through the Internet, we are unable to find any positive or negative ZHO Gymwear reviews. This is because this is a month-old website and there is not a great customer base available for them.

So, to look for the reviews we probably need to wait a bit more.

Our Recommendation

Everybody wants to save him or herself from the scams. That’s why it is advisable to stay away from this online store because this is a newly developed online store and we do not find any reviews about this on the Internet.

Thanks for reading.

Happy Shopping!

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